Internet network marketing — You’re the king

Chris Brogan, an Internet marketing expert, recently wrote a post called, “Content is Not King” that applies perfectly to Internet network marketing.

“Content is king” has become something of a catch phrase in internet marketing. It urges bloggers to concentrate most on the content of their posts. If you want readers, the thinking goes, you must first give them something worthwhile to read. That logic has gone pretty much unchallenged among those “in the know” about how to be successful online.

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But Chris Brogan takes issue with the adage.

“Content is not king. You are. (or Queen.) Content is currency. You’re the king.”

Instead, he says, content is a way for bloggers to “deliver interest.”

“It’s a gathering place for you and the people you hope to entertain/attract/educate/equip. That doesn’t make it the king.”

Chris Brogan calls content “treasure,” “salve,” and “wood for the fireplace around which great stories are told.”

“Work hard on content, but focus on relationships,” he says.

This fits perfectly with how best to run a network marketing blog, which is a perfect place to build relationships. After all, network marketing involves both networking and marketing, but not necessarily in that order. The business works best when you market to large numbers of people, then network with the ones who show interest in your product, service or opportunity.

So think about the content of your blog as the marketing aspect. You write valuable content to attract lots of readers. To build off Chris Brogan’s analogy, you provide a campfire where your stories will warm their souls.

But, as Brogan says, the ultimate focus should be on the relationships. With no networking, there’s no network marketing.

Once you learn that lesson then you can be yourself with other people.

Do that and you’ll be the king of your content.

Personal connections — Relational business-building

Earlier today a friend of mine was talking about her son’s decision about which college to attend. I paid close attention because my oldest daughter is about to go through the same process.

Seems my friend and her son visited three schools. There were a number of reasons behind his choice, but one of the biggest was the visit to that school.

During the visit the school representative went out of his way to make them feel welcome. The prospective students had to fill out a piece of paper with their name and hometown. During his presentation, the school official recognized each student and said something to personally connect with him.

My friend was impressed. She said that if she would have been making the decision, she would have chosen the same school.

That’s how we act in our businesses. Each time we meet someone, we should try to connect with him or her on a personal level. Moreover, we should do that not just because they might be a prospect for our business, but because we want to get to know them.

If you try to connect with them while thinking about the possibility of them joining your business, the connection will likely feel fake to them. That’s not surprising, because it will be fake.

Next time you meet someone, try to be their friend before you try to make them your business partner.

Steve DeVane

Business boost — build relationships

Earlier today I was putting our riding lawn mower in the shed. My son had mowed the front yard for probably the last time this year.

The boards that we usually use to help the mower ride up into the shed were missing, but I thought I could just drive the mower over the ridge between the ground the concrete floor of the shed.

I was wrong.

The mower got part of the way in the shed and stopped. I put it in the reverse and tried to back out. It wouldn’t move that way either.

Tried it again in forward. Nothing.

Reverse. Nothing.

I tried it both ways a couple of more times, before finally becoming convinced that it was stuck.

So, I turned the mower off, got down and manually pushed the mower the rest of the way into the shed.

It occurred to me that sometimes that’s the way it is with our businesses and our lives. We have all these high-tech ways to get leads and to contact people, but ultimately you have to make a personal connection.

People join people they know, like and trust. That takes building relationships.

Next time your business needs a boost, be sure you’re making personal connections with other people.

Steve DeVane

Day-to-day business plan – Simple ways to get where you’re going

Some business strategies take weeks or months to implement. But more important to your success is your day-to-day business plan.

In a previous post, I talked about the problems with approaching your family and friends with your network marketing opportunity. I suggested, instead, to talk with people you meet in the course of your life.

The challenge is getting people to know, like and trust you. People tend to join people they know, like and trust.

The question: How do you get people to know, like and trust you?

The answer: Get to know, like and trust them.

You do that by asking them questions about themselves. There are many possibilities, but here’s two that are simple to remember.

1. What do you do for a living?

This will immediately get the person to talk about his or her work life. If you listen and ask follow-up questions, the person will almost always tell you something they don’t like about their job.

Nearly everyone is frustrated to some extent by work. Sooner or later, they’ll share those frustrations with you.

The great thing about this question is that once they tell you what they do, they’ll almost always ask you what you do. That’s a great opportunity to lay the groundwork for telling them about your opportunity.

It’s important that you give a simple explanation of what you do. Do not launch into a detailed presentation of your business. Odds are you’ll turn them off.

2. What do you like to do in your free time?

This will often reveal the person’s innermost dreams. If you listen closely and ask follow-up questions, the person will tell you what they’d really like to be doing with their life.

The answer will let you ask them how great it would be if they got to do that whenever they wanted. This will lay the groundwork for the time when you share your opportunity with them.

These questions will help you begin to build a relationship with people. You have to do that if you want people to know, like and trust you.

And you have to build that relationship with no agenda. They’ll never know, like or trust you if you pressure them with your opportunity.

Once you have that relationship, an opportunity will present itself to share your products or services and company. That’s the way your business will grow.

Steve DeVane
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Best home-based business — Examine your options

Have you ever made a mistake that you know you wouldn’t have made if you’d studied the issue more. Taking that extra effort to investigate your options can make a difference when you’re looking at network marketing companies.

When you’re looking for a way to make extra income from home, it pays to do some research.

Many people in network marketing are often behind from the very beginning because they didn’t take a good, long look at the opportunity they joined.

Here’s a pretty good rule of thumb. When someone is talking to you about their opportunity, ask for specifics.

For example if someone tells you that they can promise that you’ll be able to sign up 25 people in your first month, ask for the names and phone numbers of the 25 people he signed up in the last month. That’s fair, but it will probably end the conversation.

Perhaps, the person is just starting out. OK. Then ask for information about the 25 people that his upline sponsored last month.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility to sign-up 25 people in a month. Unfortunately, even if you pull it off, you’ll never be able to build strong relationships with all of them.

And if you can’t build relationships, you’re going to have a tough time succeeding in network marketing. The easiest way to succeed is to find a network marketing company with a proven system that helps you build relationships with your distributors.

Steve DeVane