Stay open to hints about your mission in life

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Have you thought about your mission in life? What if you’re getting clues about it and don’t realize it?

Consider the possibility. Stay open to hints about your mission in life.

[caption id="attachment_443" align="alignright" width="300"]Rod Brooks Rod Brooks[/caption]

Rod Brooks had a life changing experience that led him to think about how his health is linked to the importance of how he spends his time.

Rod is a grandfather who had slowly gained weight as he got older.

“Little by little, inch by inch, and pound by pound, I became that ‘big guy,’” he said. “I don’t really know my highest weight; the scale I used stopped at 325 pounds, and it pegged out.”

A friend introduced him to a nutritional cleansing system after they reconnected at their 40th reunion. After several months of conversation, he and his wife decided to give the program a try.

They both noticed a decrease in their weight, an improvement in their sleep, and more energy.


“I had lost enough weight that pants and shirts were baggy and loose,” he said. “And people started asking me what I was doing and how they could try it.”

Rod and his wife have a large, blended family with seven kids between them, and many grandchildren. When they were on a family vacation, Rod’s oldest son mentioned that he never got to know his grandpa because was only one month old when his grandfather – Rod’s father – passed away.

Rod said the statement led to an “aha” moment. He suddenly realized that three generations of his family never had the opportunity to get to know their grandfathers. It sparked an awareness within him that having a choice of how to spend his time is really important. That was something he didn’t have in his over 30 years as a corporate marketing executive.

“Not just time on the planet but time spent together,” he said.

Rod’s need and desire for time, combined with his quest to stay healthy and build a relationship with his grandchildren, inspired him to create The Grandpa Project. Initially, the project was a mindset but is now evolving into a movement. At the age of 64, Rod is on a mission to help grandpas maximize their time with their grandchildren and to show them a path to healthy aging and vitality.

Rod said he believes that every child deserves to know, learn from, and be loved by their grandpa.

“It’s really not about me and my grandkids; it’s about any grandpa who wants his grandchildren to benefit from a special relationship,” he said. “So that’s when the project flipped, and it became less about me and more about what could I bring to other men my age or the grandchildren of men my age.”

The type of “aha” moment that Rod experienced often happens when you’re open and ready for it. He found his mission in life because of it.

Stay open to hints about your mission in life. They may come along when you least expect them.

How To Make Life Better Without Lifting A Finger

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how to make life betterDon’t you want to know how to make life better? Doesn’t everyone?

Most people, sooner or later, start asking what I like to call “ultimate questions.” They tend to ask them in a number of ways, but nearly all of them focus on the quest for a better life.

Unfortunately, many people don’t give those questions much attention. They’ve got too many messages in their outbox to consider issues with no deadline, no matter how important they seem.

I’m not talking about just better living — making a few extra bucks or driving a nicer car. I’m talking about the quality of your life. Something that gets your juice flowing. Something worth living for.

I had a professor once, who would often say about various philosophers, “I’m not sure if I agree with his answers, but I sure like the questions.” In a sense, the questions are more important than the answers. Or perhaps the search for the answers is more important than the answers themselves.

You learn how to make life better but starting with a close look at yourself.

Many people just do what they’ve always done. Somewhere along the way, their dreams got pushed aside so many times that they don’t even notice they’re gone.

Good news: those hopes, dreams and aspirations can be called back. The first step is to actually recall them. Remember them. Bring them back to mind. Give them new life.

You have that power. Consider what it would take to make those dreams a reality. If that task seems too daunting, start with just a portion of a dream.

What one thing could you do that would help you learn how to make life better? What’s a small accomplishment that would get positive momentum building in your favor?

What would you have to do? How could you do it?

Take at least a few moments every day to consider these questions. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Once you start focusing on how to make life better, the means of making life better will start to reveal themselves. Life will be better simply because you’re looking for ways to make life better.

A practical way to reach your dreams

I recently took my daughter and one of her friends to a reception and presentation hosted by Western Carolina University. My daughter and her friend are both high school juniors considering where to go to college.

The event was well attended. The presentation was well done, and the school representatives were well informed and presented the university well.

On the way home, I asked my daughter her favorite part of the evening. She told me it was when one of the professors told her that if she’d score a little higher on the SAT that every school in North Carolina would want her.

Then she turned the tables on me and asked me my favorite part. After jokingly telling her it was the pretzels (they were quite good), I said it was a conversation she had with the representative of WCU’s School of Business after she told him she was thinking about double majoring in business and communications.

The professor — I think he might have been the associate dean — seemed pleased with my daughter’s plans. He told her that she was wise to follow her passion, which he assumed was communications, while also getting the practical basics of business.

In effect, he told her that you should always do what you want, but remember that you have to pay the bills, too.

Thinking about it later, it occurred to me how wonderfully network marketing fits into that scenario.

Many people realize early in life that they have to make money to provide for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, they jettison their dreams along the way.

Network marketing offers a way for people to reconnect with those dreams. Once we understand that opportunity, we’re practically on our way to reaching them.

Steve DeVane