Finding the keys to life

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The other day I got out my keys to unlock the door at my office. While looking for the key to the door, I noticed an old GM car key.

I don’t remember where I got that key. I suppose it went to one of our old cars. I have no idea which one.

Why is it still on my key ring?

Don’t know.

Perhaps at some time it held some special meaning to me. But if it did, I don’t have a clue what it was.

Or maybe I just forgot to give it to whoever bought one of our old cars. If so, I expect the person just paid a buck or so and got another key made. They had to have at least one key to the car or they wouldn’t have been able to drive the car.

Seeing the unknown key, made me take a closer look at the keys on my key ring. On my key ring are nine keys and one of those keyless entry things.

Of the nine keys, I know I need four — one to my car, one to my wife’s car, one to my house and one to my office.

One of the keys is to an old briefcase that I don’t use anymore and is never locked anyway.

I don’t know what four of the keys fit. The above mentioned car key and three keys that look like they might be house keys.

One of them might go to my parents’ house, but the other two probably go to one of the places where we once lived. But I’m pretty sure they don’t go to the house from where we just moved and we lived there about 14 years. In other words, I probably haven’t needed those keys in at least 15 years or so.

The keyless entry deal doesn’t work anymore. Don’t know why it’s still there.

So, of all the junk on my key ring, I could get by at most just five keys. About half the stuff can be removed without harm.

All of this got me to thinking about my life. How much useless junk am I carrying around for no good reason? How much stuff in my life serves no good purpose?

From time to time, we need to take a look at all the baggage in our life. Perhaps a good chunk of it is doing nothing but slowing us down.

How many keys in your life no longer fit? Perhaps you’ve long since unlocked those doors and need to move on.

Steve DeVane
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