Four Things Marketers Should Be Able To Say

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A post on Benjamin Fitts’ blog called “12 Things We Should Be Able To Say” is worth reading for anyone who wants to get ahead in life, but is particularly applicable to network marketers.
Fitts said he copied the information from Jay McHugh’s newsletter, but I did not see it on McHugh’s site. I heard about Fitts’ post through John Milton Fogg’s Facebook page.
Fogg is author of the networking classic, “The Greatest Networker in the World,” which every networker should read.
I strongly recommend reading the entire post on Fitts’ site, but here are a few of the points that I felt were especially relevant for networkers.

“I am making a difference.
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

Nearly all network marketing companies share the goal of helping people.
The products are, in many cases, life-changing. Some are nutritional. Others are service-oriented.
And, of course, the business opportunities often transform lifestyles.
So network marketing companies make a difference in people’s lives. Even those who are not extremely successful financially often become healthier people with a better outlook on life.

“I am growing into the best version of me.
“Judy Garland once said, “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.” Live by this statement. There is no such thing as living in someone else’s shoes.”

Most networking companies offer some sort of self-help or motivational tools for their distributors. Good sponsors help their downlines to grow as people.
Nearly every successful networker will tell you that personal development played a strong role in helping them reach their goals.

“I am good to those I care about.
“In human relationships distance is not measured in miles, but in affection. Stay in touch with those who matter to you. Not because it’s convenient, but because they’re worth the extra effort. Many times it’s our actions, not just our words that really speak what our heart feels for another.”

This, in my opinion, is one of the keys to network marketing. You have to care about the people you sponsor into the business. That doesn’t mean you do their work for them, but it means you care-fully help them realize their dreams.

“I take full accountability for my life.
“Own your choices and mistakes, and be willing to take the necessary steps to improve upon them. Either you take accountability for your life or someone else will. And when they do, you’ll become a slave to their ideas and dreams instead of a pioneer of your own.”

One of the most important steps to becoming your best self is realizing that you are in control of your life. Blaming other people or your circumstances will never get you where you want to be.
An added bonus to this attitude is the increased likelihood of taking action. Once you know you’re the one in charge, you’ll be more likely to do what you need to do.
Network marketing has financial rewards beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but the personal benefits can be even more rewarding.

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