Hit the brakes and find success

The other day, I was driving my wife’s van (my car’s in the shop but that’s another story) when an indicator light on the dash told me that a brake light was out.

A day or two later I went to an auto parts store and got a replacement lamp. How hard can it be to change a brake light, I thought to myself.


When I finally got a chance to make the change, it was a freezing cold morning. I got out the manual and tried to follow along. I made it through the first few steps easily.

Then I got to the step that said to remove the lamp assembly by sliding it backwards.

Sounds simple.

Didn’t work.

I tried to slide the assembly out. It wouldn’t budge.

Tried again and again. Nothing.

I tried until my fingers were numb. Finally had to give up and leave for work.

Later that afternoon, when it warmed up, I tried again. Still couldn’t get it to move.

Finally, I thought to look at the other lamp assembly on the other side. I could tell that it had been removed before. I took it apart and, with some effort, determined that when I pulled it a certain way a tab was released that was holding it in place. Then I went back to other side and was able to pull it out rather easily.

Later, it occurred to me how life and business is like that. Many times, we struggle and struggle as we seek success. Eventually, we figure out the importance of learning from people who are already successful.

Next time, you’re having a tough time, stop struggling long enough to find a person or group who have previously done what you’re trying to do. Better yet, find a tested, proven system.

Steve DeVane

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