Lessons in leadership

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When I worked at a newspaper about 15 years ago, I interviewed a group of ROTC cadets who were going through Advance Camp at Fort Bragg. The cadets’ performance during camp could help determine whether their Army careers started well or not.

The cadets were in between their junior and senior years of college. After graduation, they would get their commissions.

One of the cadets had been in the Army before as an enlisted man. He’d come out of college an officer.

During the interview, I asked him the biggest difference between basic training and ROTC Advance Camp. He said in basic training, you want to blend in and not get noticed. In camp, you want to stand out and show your skills.

Isn’t that the difference between and leader and a follower?

Remember as network marketers we’re leaders of our group. The people we sponsor count on us to show them how to be successful.

So don’t be afraid to be noticed. Learn skills and use them.

Steve DeVane

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