Look up for a new, better perspective

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I love to run.
This is a rather recent feeling. In my younger days, I thought people who ran were crazy. Why would anyone just go running?
Then a few years ago, I promised my daughter that I would run in a 5K race with her. I’m not sure what made me make the commitment.
It was just after she had completed a Thanksgiving Day race near our house. For some reason, I told her after she finished that I would run the race with her the next year.
Maybe I thought she’d forget.
Maybe I thought I’d forget.
Maybe I thought everyone would forget.
Nobody forgot.
So in August, I decided I’d better start training. It began with a mile walk on a treadmill and progressed until I could actually run the 3.1 miles needed for a 5K race.
I set a goal of 40 minutes, which I easily beat several weeks before the race. I set a new goal of 35 minutes and came close to meeting in on race day.
Since then, I’ve run hundreds of miles. My daughter and I now plan to run a half marathon later this year.
As my running has progressed, I’ve wanted to learn more about how to be a more efficient and effective runner. I’m still not breaking any land speed records, but I have broken the 28 minute mark in a 5K and have set a new, ultimate goal of 25 minutes.
One thing I have learned is the value of an upright stance while running. Previously, I had run in a hunched over fashion, looking at the ground just in front of me.
I found that by straightening out my upper torso, I could breath easier, which got more air in my lungs and let me run farther.
But I also discovered an added, unexpected benefit.
My new form caused me to automatically focus farther ahead. I immediately noticed that the hills didn’t look as intimidating.
I learned that all the hills look higher when you’re looking down. Looking up makes them much less intimidating.
I believe that is also true in life. When you look on the bright side and have a good attitude, you’ll be much better prepared for challenges.
It doesn’t mean that life is going to be easy all the time, but it will help you get through the rough stretches.

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