Network marketing plan: New year, higher goals

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As 2010 gets started, I thought I’d pass on a goal setting tip I got from Chris Brogan‘s newsletter a few months ago (you can sign up for the newsletter here).

Brogan passed on an idea
he got from Bre Pettis, an innovator and designer. You write down your “most audacious goal” on a big, white sheet of paper. Then you go backwards with ways that you can accomplish it.

Those ways become your goals. Brogan calls them “lighthouses” that will keep you on course. Think about potential obstacles between you and them. Then find a way around them.
lighthouse 038
Creative Commons License photo credit: Indy Kethdy

This seems like a simple, but effective, method to reach your highest goals.

On a related note, Brogan’s newsletter also contained some interesting personal information about his blogging experience. He said he didn’t have 100 readers until he’d been writing for eight years. It took him 10 years to develop what he called “business value” for what he was doing.

Today, he’s one of the top bloggers on the web.

All that is evidence that you shouldn’t give up on your goals. Two of most successful network marketers I know didn’t start making serious income until they’d been in the profession for more than 12 years.

Imagine if they’d given up about seven, or nine, or even 11 years.

Set your goals.

Make your plan.

Stick with it.

Steve DeVane

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    Hi Gary,

    I appreciate the good words. Here’s hoping that this year and decade will be for you life that most people only dream about!


  2. stevedevane

    Greetings person trying to retain your sanity,

    Thanks for the comment. Hope your computer business is going well.

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