Network marketing success: Three ways to strengthen your business

The search for network marketing success can be a long, confusing journey. It seems like you can find tips, strategies, advice and recommendations all over the Internet.

Often lost in all the confusion is one of the most basic rules of network marketing — if you want to improve your business, improve yourself. Personal development can, of course, take many forms, but I’ve found that one of the most important keys for me is to focus on my strengths.
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In other words, if I concentrate on doing what I do well, my chances for success in network marketing increase. The first step is to find your strengths.

Here are three quick, easy questions you can ask yourself that will help you discover your strengths.

• What brings you joy?

This may sound easy, but many people struggle when they give this question serious thought. We’re often programmed as young children to forget about those things that make you happy. Misguided parents often think this spares their children from future heartbreak.

• What frustrates you in other people?

Think of those times when someone you know has had a difficult time performing a task that you consider easy. There’s a good chance that the task is in an area of one of your strengths.

• What do other people praise your for that you think is no big deal?

Remember when you did something that someone else couldn’t stop talking about, but you just shrugged off because it was easy for you. That’s because it involved some aspect of a strength for you.

Early in life we develop skills that are built on our strengths. Later, in school and in our careers we develop skills that are outside our strengths. When we face challenges in those areas, we get in trouble.

The truth is, we perform better when we focus on our strengths.

This is one of the great things
about network marketing. You can work out of your strengths and build a team to help you take care of the aspects of business that you find most challenging.

Success in network marketing
comes easiest and fastest when we do our best. We do our best when we utilize our strengths.

Steve DeVane

(This ebook helped me understand how I could use my strengths to find network marketing success.)

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  1. Gary McElwain

    Great post you have here Steve.

    You present some very introspective questions we should all be asking ourselves.
    And not just for network marketing, but to just get through our daily lives.

    I appreciate your insight and look forward to reading some more.

    Keep up the good work

    Gary McElwain

  2. stevedevane

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the good words. Yes, those questions work in every area of our lives, not just our business. Excellent observation.

    I appreciate your comment.


  3. Shahbaz

    Oh’ I am so happy, Becouse this network marketing is so much going on and on, Its really good I happy

  4. stevedevane

    Hi Shahbaz,

    I’m glad you’re so excited about network marketing. It is certainly a great profession if you have the right system and the right support.

    Best wishes for your continued success. Let me know if I can help.


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