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When I was 50 years old, I had accepted the fact that I was going to feel worse and worse as I got older and older. Thankfully, someone told me about a nutritional system that showed me that I was mistaken.

Now, I feel better than I’ve felt since I was in my 20s, and I want everyone to feel the way I feel.

Join me on a mission to have fun, take control, and change the world, one life at a time.

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Network marketing plan: New year, higher goals

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As 2010 gets started, I thought I’d pass on a goal setting tip I got from Chris Brogan‘s newsletter a few months ago (you can sign up for the newsletter here).

Brogan passed on an idea
he got from Bre Pettis, an innovator and designer. You write down your “most audacious goal” on a big, white sheet of paper. Then you go backwards with ways that you can accomplish it.

Those ways become your goals. Brogan calls them “lighthouses” that will keep you on course. Think about potential obstacles between you and them. Then find a way around them.
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This seems like a simple, but effective, method to reach your highest goals.

On a related note, Brogan’s newsletter also contained some interesting personal information about his blogging experience. He said he didn’t have 100 readers until he’d been writing for eight years. It took him 10 years to develop what he called “business value” for what he was doing.

Today, he’s one of the top bloggers on the web.

All that is evidence that you shouldn’t give up on your goals. Two of most successful network marketers I know didn’t start making serious income until they’d been in the profession for more than 12 years.

Imagine if they’d given up about seven, or nine, or even 11 years.

Set your goals.

Make your plan.

Stick with it.

Steve DeVane

(NOTE — This free e-book helped me get my business on track.)

Planning for retirement: Why you’ll need recurring income

For years, most people planning for retirement have heard about the wisdom of contributing to a 401(k) or similar plan. But as the financial crisis turned into a full-blown recession, everybody saw their investment accounts shrink.
a bunch of benjamins
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Plans like the 401(k) let people contribute pre-tax dollars into an investment account that is expected to increase in value over time.

But now the financial situation has gotten so bad that Time magazine’s Oct. 19 cover story says it’s time to retire the 401(k). According to the article, the balance of the average 401(k) dropped 31 percent from the end of 2007 through March 2009.

“In a system in which one year’s gains build on the next, the disaster of 2008 will dent retirement savings long after the recession ends,” the article says.

The magazine said the “401(k) was never meant to replace the employer-guaranteed pension fund, supplemented by Social Security, as the cornerstone of our nation’s retirement system.”

“But propelled by a combination of companies looking to cut costs and consumers who wanted control of their retirement destiny, that’s exactly what happened,” the story says.

The magazine suggests several fixes to the 401(k) issue, including a form of retirement insurance that could pay for up to 30 percent of retirement.

Would it be OK if I suggested another alternative for those who are planning for retirement? Recurring income.

Recurring income is doing work right one time, but getting paid for it over and over again. It’s similar to payments Michael Jordan gets when someone buys his brand of shoes or checks Elvis Presley’s heirs get when someone downloads one of his songs from the Internet.

Unfortunately, not many of us can play basketball like Michael or sing like Elvis.

Fortunately, there’s another option. Network marketing has allowed thousands of people to create recurring incomes ranging from a couple of hundred dollars a month to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

It’s not easy. It’s not a “get-rich quick scheme.” But it is possible.

Everyone planning for retirement now realizes that relying on traditional methods is no longer enough. Why not invest your time and effort in a business that provides recurring income?

Steve DeVane

Guest blogger: Free to choose a better life

NOTE — Today’s blog post was written by Jason Lewis, who gives his thoughts on the power of choosing our own path in the world.

When I think about what makes life so great, my mind always comes back to the same thing — freedom. The freedom to live our lives however we choose is in my mind, without a doubt, the most exciting thing life has to offer us.

Bald Eagle Mid Flight
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We have the power and the privilege to live our lives however we see fit and that gift should never be taken for granted. We, as Americans, live in a world where much is provided for us at a reasonable rate. As long as one possesses a job of some sort, one can have the basic necessities of life without very much trouble at all. A roof over your head, food, running water, electricity, as well as the added luxuries of television, cell phones, internet and transportation can all be afforded, to some degree, on even the most meager of incomes due to the society we’ve built in this country.

While one might say that that’s a good thing, I would strongly argue the other side. I believe that because of this, too many people have lost their drive, their desire to be great and achieve things others thought impossible. The world we live in today was built on the shoulders of great men and women who used their minds as tools to discover ways to make a positive, lasting impact on the world and to help better the lives of those around them. But sadly, that all seems to be changing.

Television, movies and the internet reach the vast majority of the free world and influence our decisions more than ever. We’re consumed by these things and we’ve become slaves to them. They tell us how to dress, how to talk and what to think. Because of this, more and more of us are becoming insecure and fearful, causing us to express our creativity less, for fear of what others will think, and that is stunting our individual growth as well as our growth as a society. Instead of thinking for ourselves and encouraging others to do the same, we’re afraid to express new ideas and we often ridicule those that do.

This type of behavior will be our undoing if we don’t do something to change this terrible culture we’ve adopted and start helping others realize their unlimited potential to be and do whatever it is they want to be and do. But just talking about this won’t be enough to change. Gandhi taught us that in order to induce change, we must become the change we wish to see in others.

These are powerful words when carefully considered. Many of us recognize that something is wrong but lack the drive, determination and thought to actually do something about it. And that brings me to my original point – we all have the power to choose the direction our life goes in and I choose to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Network Marketing provides everyday people with an opportunity to control not only their own life, but to help others live the life that they deserve as well. In order to succeed at it, you must first work on yourself and turn yourself into the person you desire to be and by your guidance and example, you will help others do the same for themselves. When this happens, not only does it help to create better people, it provides us with the freedom to live our lives any way we see fit.

No other industry on the face of this Earth can provide such a thing to anyone who chooses to reap its rewards. I am proud to be part of that culture and I look forward to the journey that lies ahead. To be a network marketer is to have the power to change lives in the palm of your hand. There is no substitute for that gift and it’s one I will not waste.

Social network marketing: Learn before you earn

NOTE — This is the final post in a series on social network marketing. The complete series can be found here.

Social network marketing can work in multiple ways, but there are principles that increase your chances of success.

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A few of the principles are personal — knowing why you’re in business and staying focused. But most of the principles concern you’re dealings with other people — building relationships, helping people, starting a blog, interacting with people, showing people how to succeed, not selling, and forming a community.

Perhaps the most important principle brings it all together — creating or finding a system to make it all work. You must have a teachable system. Once you have that, all you need are coachable partners.

So, what might this look like? How might a person journey from stranger to acquaintance to friend to business partner or customer? Consider this scenario:

• A person sees an interesting tweet you sent out on Twitter or became your friend on Facebook and saw something of note in your updates. Or maybe they found you through a blog on which you both comment. When you connect with him or her, you mention a post you wrote that might help them.

• The person visits your blog (or might have found your blog through a search engine or through another site). He or she reads a few of your posts and discovers that you provide relevant, valuable insights.

• After reading your posts, the person leaves a comment or two. You reply. A conversation develops, and perhaps moves to e-mail or another form of communication.

• Along the way, you introduce them to a personal development process that improves their business and personal life.

• During the course of the conversation, the person mentions that he or she is looking for a way to make extra money. Or perhaps he or she has noticed a link in your sidebar. You point them to your web site where he or she finds something that will make his or her life better.

• The person e-mails you for more information or fills out a form with their contact information.

• You call him or her. You talk several times. You decide if the person is a good fit for your business, and the person decides if it makes sense to them. If the answer for both of you is “yes,” you have a new business partner.

Because the person knows you and your business, he or she is likely a committed partner. This type of partnership will be mutually beneficially to both businesses.

This is not the only way social network marketing can work, but it is one way. Success will come to those who attract and interacting with people interested in their business and follow proven principles.

Steve DeVane

Social network marketing: Specialization leads to realization

NOTE — This is the 11th post in a series on social network marketing. The full series can be found here.

Most everybody in social network marketing gets sidetracked because they lose focus in one of two ways. They either try to make money in too many ways or their way of making money gets fragmented.

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Even worse, many people trying to make money using the Internet too often lose sight of the reason they got in business in the first place.

Social network marketing should never be construed as a “get rich quick” scheme. It is, at it’s best, a way to leverage yourself in multiple ways to earn a great deal of income.

But leveraging yourself in a number of ways should not be confused with multiple streams of income. In fact, you should focus on one, and only one, way of making money. Trying to make money in numerous ways only leads to numerous failures.

Tie tour primary business to your blog. When people visit it, they’ll eventually ask or find the links to how you make money. If the interaction funnel is set up correctly, it will lead them to consider whether or not to buy your products and join your business.

Moreover, getting involved in multiple projects only increases the chances of getting caught in one of the numerous scams that proliferate on the web. And it decreases the benefits that come with specialization.

But just concentrating on a single, legitimate business venture doesn’t guarantee success.

In social network marketing, many people get distracted by various methods of driving traffic to their web sites. Instead of trying every new trick that’s recommended by this week’s hot marketing guru, find what works and keep doing it until it stops working.

Remember that your social media efforts are only meant to attract people to your blog – your interactive funnel. That’s where you’re social networking efforts will be most effective.

Most importantly remember the ultimate goal of that interaction. Nearly every marketer started off with some sort of higher purpose. Success in its purest and highest form will only come when that goal is met.

Get the myth of multiple income streams and the fragmentation of multiple traffic-seeking methods out of the way, so you can focus on making a difference in people’s lives. With the distraction out of the way, the process of attraction will start.

Steve DeVane

Social network marketing: Beyond business, build community

NOTE — This is the tenth in a series on social network marketing. All the posts in the series can be found here.

At its best, social network marketing leads to the formation of a community. You have to do more than just provide advice on how to get income. Your worth should be measured in friendship not dollars.

The business objective of making money must be put aside so you can focus on bringing together a committed group of prospective buyers or partners.

Business Graph
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The good news is that profits take care of themselves as your core group of associates strengthens. As people come together, a community forms.

One of the best ways to build that community is to help those involved to become better at what they do. To become better at what they do, they must first become better at who they are.

To help them accomplish this, a personal development element must be part of your system. In some ways, it will be the most vital component.

Personal development can be blended into your blog or set up separately. Either way it must include at these these elements:

• A set structure. Everyone in the group must be able to understand exactly what they should do to grow.

• A mastermind method. Those in the community must be able to share ideas and what they’re learning.

• A common focus. Everyone should be working together as they each seek to better themselves.

• A way to interact. This might be an Internet forum of some sort but will likely work best if it’s a conference call that allows more personal contact.

Once people start communicating with each other in this way, strong bonds start forming. This makes the difference in being part of just another group and connecting with a life-changing experience.

When people are transformed in such a fashion, they are committed for good.

Steve DeVane

Social network marketing: Artistry in motion

NOTE — This is the ninth post in a series on social network marketing. All the posts in the series can be found here.

Social network marketing is as much an art as a science. Making it work involves learning how to present your opportunity without coming on in a way that will turn off wary readers.

These days, nearly everyone on the Internet — from the solitary blogger to the big corporation — is seeking ways to “monetize” a web site or blog. They’re all finding out that it’s not an easy task.

Making Money by
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The best method of converting readers to customers and potential business partners can be seen in a concept advocated by Lisa Sasevich, who teaches a method called “the invisible close.” Sasevich promotes tele-seminar marketing, but some of her principles clearly apply to social network marketing.

Sasevich urges business people to have an attitude where they are “committed but not attached.” The marketers should be committed to helping people make a decision that benefits them, but not attached to what decision they make.

In other words the person making presentation realizes that it’s their job to provide valuable information that will help the potential customer, but they can’t ultimately determine whether that potential is realized.

In social network marketing, this applies directly to the posts and interaction on your blog. You have to be committed to providing information that will help the person get connected to whether or not your product, service or opportunity is a fit for them.

You provide a place where they can find the clarity they need to make the decision that’s best for them. If you provide that place and if they decide to buy from you or become your partner, that relationship will be much stronger and more solid than it would be if you pressured them into making a decision.

Sasevich futher encourages marketers to be “credible but vulnerable” in their presentations. This, she says, lets people know you are an expert but also allows them to like and trust you.

When you write your posts or interact with people who frequent your blog, be confident in your knowledge. Freely share your expertise, but don’t be afraid to let them know about mistakes you made along the way.

In social network marketing, there are few, if any, precise formulas to duplicate. There are, however, principles that, if implemented, will mean almost certain success.

This is the greatest challenge but the greatest opportunity in doing business on the Internet. Instead of imitating those already having success you apply proven concepts to your business and its web presence.

This means that instead of telling someone how to succeed you need to show them what success looks like and openly reveal how it happens.

(NOTE — If you’d like to find out more about Lisa Sasevich, you can go to her web site. I am not affiliated with her organization.)

Steve DeVane

Social network marketing: Teach what you know, show what you do

NOTE — This is the eighth post in a series on social network marketing. Previous posts can be found here.

When someone joins your business through social network marketing, they’re going to want to use the same method to attract more people. So, you need to be ready to show them exactly how to do it.

In other words, you need to show them a simple system that they can use. Moreover, you need an easy way to teach them how to use it. They need to understand what you do and recognize that they can do it, too.

Network marketing expert trainer Tom “Big Al” Schreiter likes to point out that anyone who gets a new job receives training on what to do. Network marketers need skills to succeed, he says.

That concept is even more important in social network marketing. Your system needs to cut through all the hoopla on the internet. Those who join you need a “step-by-step” guide, a recipe of sorts.

The recipe
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A key component of that system has to be a non-confrontational way to meet new people. The easiest way to accomplish this is something that potential prospects can look at without pressure.

One of my mentors told me about an article written by Gary Bencivenga in his “Bencivenga Bullets” newsletter. Bencivenga talks about “The Secret of the Monkey’s Fist” based on a story told by legendary salesman Frank Bettger.

Bettger tells of seeing the huge ropes used to ties ships to docks. Knowing that noone could pull such a rope he watched as a ship docked to see how it was done.

Kmtc Jakarta at singapore
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Turns out a crewman on the ship first throws an iron ball called a “monkey’s fist” to the longshoreman on the pier. A small rope attached to the ball is then pulled over. That rope is attached to the larger rope which is used to secure the ship to the dock.

Just as the big rope was too big to throw at first, marketers cannot immediately convince cold prospects to make a purchase. The process has to be broken down into small steps that make it easy to say, “Yes,” Bencivenga says.

Your social network marketing system should include such a step. One good option is to give away something of value, something that potential prospects can use to make their lives better.

That gift can be a vital part of your relationship-building efforts. It can help your prospects first see how you’re willing to help them, then understand how easy it is to build a business based on such support.

Steve DeVane