Social network marketing: Teach what you know, show what you do

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When someone joins your business through social network marketing, they’re going to want to use the same method to attract more people. So, you need to be ready to show them exactly how to do it.

In other words, you need to show them a simple system that they can use. Moreover, you need an easy way to teach them how to use it. They need to understand what you do and recognize that they can do it, too.

Network marketing expert trainer Tom “Big Al” Schreiter likes to point out that anyone who gets a new job receives training on what to do. Network marketers need skills to succeed, he says.

That concept is even more important in social network marketing. Your system needs to cut through all the hoopla on the internet. Those who join you need a “step-by-step” guide, a recipe of sorts.

The recipe
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A key component of that system has to be a non-confrontational way to meet new people. The easiest way to accomplish this is something that potential prospects can look at without pressure.

One of my mentors told me about an article written by Gary Bencivenga in his “Bencivenga Bullets” newsletter. Bencivenga talks about “The Secret of the Monkey’s Fist” based on a story told by legendary salesman Frank Bettger.

Bettger tells of seeing the huge ropes used to ties ships to docks. Knowing that noone could pull such a rope he watched as a ship docked to see how it was done.

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Turns out a crewman on the ship first throws an iron ball called a “monkey’s fist” to the longshoreman on the pier. A small rope attached to the ball is then pulled over. That rope is attached to the larger rope which is used to secure the ship to the dock.

Just as the big rope was too big to throw at first, marketers cannot immediately convince cold prospects to make a purchase. The process has to be broken down into small steps that make it easy to say, “Yes,” Bencivenga says.

Your social network marketing system should include such a step. One good option is to give away something of value, something that potential prospects can use to make their lives better.

That gift can be a vital part of your relationship-building efforts. It can help your prospects first see how you’re willing to help them, then understand how easy it is to build a business based on such support.

Steve DeVane

The recipe for success

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My wife makes this great hash brown potato casserole that is out of this world. She takes some hash browns and mixes in some butter and other stuff, then puts them in a pan, tops them with bacon bits and cooks them in the oven.

They are good. I mean, they are real good.

She often cooks them for family reunions. When we’re going through the line, one of the first things I look for is those potatoes, because I’m hoping there’s still some of them left.

Often there’s not. I hate it when that happens.

My wife got the recipe from someone she knew. I was thinking the other day about how my wife follows the recipe. If I’m going to the store, she tells me exactly what she needs for that recipe. Then she puts in exactly the right amount of each ingredient and then cooks it for just the right amount of time.

She does all that because she has a recipe. She knows if she follows all those steps the casserole will come out just right.

It’s the same way in our life and in our business. If there’s someone who’s successful and is willing to show us the way, all we have to do is follow their directions. Do what they do and we’ll have the success that their having.

I spent years floundering in my network marketing business. I knew successful marketers, but their success didn’t translate to my success.

Then I found this free mentoring system. The networkers I met freely shared their expertise and their time with me. People who had absolutely no stake in my company showed me the path they had already taken to success.

For a while, I couldn’t believe it. I kept waiting for the manipulation.

It never happened.

I kept saying to myself, “What’s the catch?”

Never was one.

Finally, I got past my disbelief and started doing what my mentors showed me to do. Now, the success I had missed is coming my way.

All I had to do was follow the recipe.

Steve DeVane
This free e-book was the first step in my recipe for success.