Thirty days to change your life

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A few minutes ago, I heard some noise coming from one of my daughter’s rooms upstairs. It’s late, so I hollered up to her that she needed to get to sleep.

She said OK, but she was putting up some of her clothes. Not wanting to stop her from something that needed to be done, I let her go.

A couple of minutes ago, she yelled down for me to come upstairs because she wanted me to see her room, which she had just finished cleaning.

I went up and saw her nice, tidy room. It was a beautiful sight. Everything was cleared away and in it’s proper place. I could tell my daughter felt better to be in a clean place.

As I came back downstairs, I thought about how I feel like my mind is much like my daughter’s room. All the junk that used to crowd my thoughts have been cleared away. My thoughts are almost always positive now, and even when a stray negative thought sneaks in, I recognize it and do away with it.

It wasn’t always this way. Until about six months ago, my mind was full of useless chatter. Now I’m much more focusedthanks to the Mental Cleanse.

The Mental Cleanse can help you clear your mind and get you on the path toward success in 30 days.

Below, Michael Dlouhy, the founder of Mentoring for Free and the originator of the Mental Cleanse, explains how those 30 days can change your life. Michael, my good friend and mentor, made the video for me.


Steve DeVane
This free e-book started me on the path to success and happiness.

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  1. Gary McElwain

    Steve that was pretty thoughtful of your friend to make that video for you. I know clearing out the chatter in my mind sure has made a difference.

    More people needo know and go through this process. Like Michael says “It’s not easy, but it’s well worth it”

    Gary McElwain

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