What makes a great network marketing company

If you want to be successful in network marketing, it’s important to have a strong company behind you. Your company should have key characteristics, known as the “five pillars.”

The first pillar is company management with experience and integrity. Google the company president to find out more information about the one leading your company. Read your company’s policies and procedures.

The second pillar is timing in the company and the industry. You don’t want to be in a brand new company. It’s best if the company has been up and running for at least two years.

The third pillar is a product that lasts a lifetime. The number one mistake people make is they think they have to love the product. You don’t have to love the product. The product just has to be remarkable. Find a product that people are screaming for and fall in love with it. You don’t have to research every little tidbit of information. Most MLM companies have great products. It’s easier to sell what people want. Ask yourself if it’s a product that people would buy even if there wasn’t a business opportunity attached.

The fourth pillar is a compensation plan that pays the part-time person. Most reps will only work part-time, at least initially. The key is to find a compensation plan that pays the most with the least amount of people. Find out how many distributors you need to make $10,000 a month.

The fifth pillar is to have a proven system that duplicates when you quit. Run if your upline tells you to buy leads or to make a list of your friends and family. That does not duplicate.

I found just such a system. It teaches you how to fish rather than giving you a fish. It teaches the skills necessary for success.

My friend and personal mentor, Michael Dlouhy, made a video for me explaining the five pillars.


Steve DeVane
This free e-book taught me the importance of having a “five pillars” company.

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  1. Gary McElwain

    Hi Steve

    I think you have an amazing blog post here. You give me the written details. Then you show me the video of the guy who created the system.

    You have some great connections thank for the info.

    Gary McElwain

  2. Steve DeVane


    Thanks. Michael is a great guy. It’s amazing that he spends so much time helping so many people. His system and his friendship are incredible.

    Best wishes for your continued success.


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