Believe in Yourself, and Take Naps if Needed

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I recently attended my son’s freshman orientation at North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!). One of the sessions featured some keys to success that faculty members shared with the incoming students.Blog-BelieveInYourself

I think they apply to most everybody, so I thought I’d share them. Here they are:

Believe in yourself.

Plan the work, then work the plan.

Don’t be derailed.

Realize that everything is tough.

Take an occasional risk.

Be brave.

Meet new people.

Help a friend (or a stranger) in need.

Be ready for surprises.

Remain calm.

Express yourself.

Work together as a team.

Laugh often.

Share jokes with your friends.

Get sleep.

Take naps if needed.

I especially liked the encouraging phrase, “Don’t be derailed.”

I think that many folks have a tough time finding success because they don’t give themselves the necessary time to succeed. They bail at the first sign of trouble.

When I was running today, I spotted a bird in a yard close to the road on which I was running. The bird, which was trying to find a worm in the dirt, was about 15 feet in front of me, when I saw it.

As I got to within about 10 feet of the bird, it flew about 20 feet ahead. In a short while, I got close to it again, causing it to once again fly a short distance ahead.

When I got close to it again, the bird flew to the other side of the road leaving plenty of distance between it and me.

I wonder if sometimes, we’re like the bird. I wasn’t going to hurt it, but it flew off before it knew whether I was a real risk.

I took note of the suggestion to get sleep and take naps.

The students are going to be put into stressful situations that they’re not used to facing. Rest will help them deal with the challenging circumstances.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to slow down and take stock of your circumstances. Once your rejuvenated you’ll have a fresh perspective and energy to face the situation.




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