Change your life – It’s your decision

Have you ever given any serious thought to how you ended up in the job you have?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I was talking with a friend about it the other day and he was telling me about the path that led him to his current position. I didn’t tell him this for fear of offending him, but his description unnerved me quite a bit.

It seemed he ended up where he was because of a series of unrelated events that had little to do with his strengths, talents, gifts or desires. What made it worse was his apparent reluctance to consider any alternatives at any point along the way or even now.

I was just about to question him about it, when I realize that until recently my life was much the same. I thought that I was where I was and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Fortunately, I’ve come to realize that I am where I am because of my past choices, and I can change direction by making different choices.

It’s not easy, but it can be done. Think about it. If you want something different, change direction. Decide and do it.

Steve DeVane

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  1. Gary McElwain

    Steve,And isn’t that the hardest part of the whole process. Deciding to make the change.

    I know I changed careers several times, when I was younger, I gave it some thought. Not about what might happen, but what did I want to do next.

    But when It comes to deciding on a home business, people get freaked out for all the wrong reasons.

    We cant focus on what might happen, we need to focus on what we want to happen. And then decide to make it happen.

    And as Tony Robbins say’s “When we decide, we cut off all other possibilities” pretty cool concept when we follow it.

    Gary McElwain

  2. SteveDeVane


    You’re correct. Deciding is the hardest part.

    The good news is, once we’ve made the decision, the hardest part is over. It’s all downhill from there.

    Thanks for the comment.


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