Go-giving in action

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Shortly after I wrote a post about a presentation by one of the author’s of The Go-Giver, I spotted a video blog that provides a good example.

Jim Kukral posted a blog called “The Power of Free! A Case Study.” It talks about his experience in four weeks after he launched a web site that gives away information on how to make web videos without having to spend a lot of money on equipment.

Kukral said four things happened in the month after he started the site.

(1) He was contacted by what he called a “big-time book publisher” inviting him to write a book about the business of online video.

(2) He was invited to speak at what he called a “mastermind event” about online video.

(3) He was interviewed by what he called a “major market publication” that goes out to more than 400,000 readers.

(4) He got two “consulting gigs” from companies that got the kit and decided they could use his help.

Kukral asked his viewers what they’re giving away from free.

“When you give, you get and it comes back in spades,” he said. “I’m living proof.”

He then adds that whatever you give away, it has to be truly free. It can’t be preloaded with sales pitches.

“What can you give away that’s very valuable information that’s free?” he asked. “Go ahead and do it and you’ll see good things happen.”

That’s great advice.

Steve DeVane
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