Help yourself … then help others

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Have you ever thought about why you’re in network marketing? What is it that most keeps you going toward your goal?

I’ve been giving that a lot of thought recently. I’ve been trying to strip away all the peripheral reasons to get to my core desires.

All this has forced me to ask myself a lot of question. Some of them were tough questions. Some were downright scary.

For example, I’ve thought about what I want to be said at my funeral. At first glance, that doesn’t seem to be a pleasant thought. Why would I want to think about my death?

I think about it because it forces me toward a better perspective on the present. By thinking about then, I get a much clearer look at now.

Moreover, it crystallizes my view of myself. Truth is, we look at other people the way we look at ourselves. We view them through our own eyes, our own lens. If we don’t trust others, we’re presenting ourselves as less than trustworthy. We are measured by the standard we use to measure others.

Before a plane takes off, the stewardess always talks about safety issues. For those traveling with children, she says, be sure to put on your oxygen mask before helping you child put on theirs.

It works much the same way in our lives. We must help ourselves before we can help others. Once we know the path to success, we can show others the way.

That’s why your “why” has to be about you, not about your friends, your family or anyone else.

Once you find that reason, nothing will stop you, because MLM is about you, not about products and companies.

Steve DeVane
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