Learning leadership by following first

Have you ever wondered what makes a good leader?

Sometimes you see someone who has a certain way of speaking, of acting, of living that leads you to describe the person as a “born leader.” Turns out that description is probably not accurate.

Most great leaders were once great followers. If you want to be a good leader become a good follower.

That’s why it’s so valuable to have a mentor. That importance applies to all areas of life, but it takes on greater meaning in network marketing.

In MLM, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of so-called “systems” competing for your attention. Each claims to be the best way to market your opportunity.

When you’re considering marketing options, pay close attention to the person behind the system. Is that person someone you can learn from? Can you picture them showing you how to succeed?

Then look closely at the people that person has already mentored. Has he or she successfully taught the system to others? Moreover, did he or she teach them how to pass it on?

Once you’ve found that mentor, follow them down the path to success. In no time you’ll be the leader you are meant to be.

Steve DeVane

2 Responses

  1. Gary McElwain


    That is a great description of the mentoring for free system. you must be able to follow the system before you can teach it.

    Kida like when we were small playing follow the leader. If the leader was’nt able to keep our attention to follow them

    Game over!

    Great post on leadership, and a great system you have to use. I recommend anyone reading this to check your system.

    Gary McElwain

  2. SteveDeVane


    Yeah, it just like following the leader. Then after a while you have a bunch of followers. Then they have followers. It just keeps going. Great word picture.

    Thanks for the comment.


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