Look for what you want

A few weeks ago, my wife and son were talking about license plates. For months my son has been playing a game of sorts, trying to find a license plate from every state in the union. He has a form with all the states on it. When we go on a trip, he gets it out, hoping to see a state that he hasn’t marked off the list.

Yahoo license?
Creative Commons License photo credit: codepo8

During the course of the conversation, my son mentioned to my wife that he had noticed a lot of license tags recently with an X, a Yor a Z on them. I didn’t think much about his observation until I was in a traffic jam on I-40 a day or two later.

While I was creeping along with hundreds of other cars, I started noticing license plates. You can guess what happened, right? Car after car had a tag with an X, a Y or a Z on it. At least half, and probably closer to three fourths had one of those letters.

Now, does that prove that half the cars on the road have a license plate with one of the last three letters of the alphabet on it? Of course not. Instead, what I think it shows it that you tend to more easily notice the things you’re looking for.

So, here’s a suggestion: start looking for the good in life. In every situation, try to find something positive. Focus on that, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Steve DeVane

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