MLM success – it takes a team

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Over the years, I’ve been to dozens and dozens of MLM training seminars or workshops. Each time, I’d go hoping that it would be the time I would learn the secret that would propel me to success.

Numerous times, I left the meeting thinking that I’d found the answer. Usually it was some sales method or closing technique.

Often I’d say to myself, “This has got to work. All I have to do is what they told me to do.”

Then I’d do what they told me to do. It didn’t work. At the time, I had no idea why.

Looking back, I see that there were several reasons I feel short.

First, I’m no salesman. No matter how many methods or techniques I learned, I couldn’t make myself into something I’m not.

Second, network marketing is not a sales business. It’s a relationship business. I was trying to makes sales, when I should have been trying to make friends.

And the friendships have to be authentic. You can’t just make friends so you can make sales. A friend of mine has a simple way to accomplish this — listen without an agenda.

Listening is not always easy. Too many times I catch myself thinking of the next thing I’m going to say instead of focusing on what the other person is saying.

A third reason I was less than successful early in my network marketing career was my “lone wolf” attitude. I had the mistaken idea that I could get the job done by myself.

I’ve learned that success in MLM can only come through the power of teamwork. Napoleon Hill points out in his classic work, “Think and Grow Rich,” that a group of minds that come together in a spirit of harmony provide more thought energy than the minds by themselves. He calls this the power of the mastermind.

People take on the characteristics of those with whom they associate. It pays to hang around those who are already successful doing what you want to do.

Find a mentor. Learn from him or her. Follow the path of one who can show you the way.

Steve DeVane
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  1. Roxanne

    It’s amazing what begins to happen when you get FOCUSED and believe in yourself.

    I’m proud of all of the growth you’ve done. You are ready to be a wonderful leader to many people.

    I believe in YOU!!


  2. SteveDeVane

    Thanks for the kind words and all the help you’ve given me on my journey to success. You’re a great mentor and a great friend.

  3. Gary McElwain

    I like your post about the team.
    Answers can be found with a team and a direction.

    Success Team Builders and a good book like Success in 10 Steps will provide a lot of answers to people’s questions

    Keep it going

    Gary McElwain

  4. Steve DeVane

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a great feeling to be on such a strong team.
    Let me know if I can help you in any way.

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