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Thirty days to change your life

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A few minutes ago, I heard some noise coming from one of my daughter’s rooms upstairs. It’s late, so I hollered up to her that she needed to get to sleep.

She said OK, but she was putting up some of her clothes. Not wanting to stop her from something that needed to be done, I let her go.

A couple of minutes ago, she yelled down for me to come upstairs because she wanted me to see her room, which she had just finished cleaning.

I went up and saw her nice, tidy room. It was a beautiful sight. Everything was cleared away and in it’s proper place. I could tell my daughter felt better to be in a clean place.

As I came back downstairs, I thought about how I feel like my mind is much like my daughter’s room. All the junk that used to crowd my thoughts have been cleared away. My thoughts are almost always positive now, and even when a stray negative thought sneaks in, I recognize it and do away with it.

It wasn’t always this way. Until about six months ago, my mind was full of useless chatter. Now I’m much more focusedthanks to the Mental Cleanse.

The Mental Cleanse can help you clear your mind and get you on the path toward success in 30 days.

Below, Michael Dlouhy, the founder of Mentoring for Free and the originator of the Mental Cleanse, explains how those 30 days can change your life. Michael, my good friend and mentor, made the video for me.


Steve DeVane
This free e-book started me on the path to success and happiness.

Avoid strategies that don’t work

Several years ago, someone I trusted in network marketing suggested that I buy some leads to help build my business.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Earlier, I had made the list of family and friends as I was taught to talk to about the business. When that didn’t work, it sounded good to have a list of “pre-qualified” people to call.

So I bought leads.

And I made calls.

And I bought more leads.

And I made more calls.

Didn’t work.

Now I know why.

My friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy, studied hundreds of networking companies. He’s been in the business more than 25 years.

In this video, he explains why buying leads doesn’t work.


Steve DeVane
This free mentoring system taught me what does and doesn’t work in network marketing

Why we do the things we do

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Success in life comes easier when we decide to take our own path.

Knowing that direction comes with knowing ourselves. Once we become familiar with our strengths, gifts and talents, we’ll more easily recognize the way we are meant to go.

Another key factor in getting to know ourselves is understanding which of the four generally recognized personality types most closely characterizes us.

Everyone is perfect just the way they are. Realize that you don’t have to change to be successful in business or in life.

One of the best ways to think about the four personality types is using colors to represent them. The four types can easily be determined by considering how you interact with other people.

About 35 percent of people have a yellow personality. Those with this personality are open, but indirect. They answer questions, but tend to give short answers. They are nurturers. They value their families. They want to help people.

People with a blue personality represent about 15 percent of people. Those with this personality are open and direct. They will let you know their feelings. They want to have fun and like to talk.

Another 15 percent have a red personality. They are direct, but self-contained. They will answer questions, but won’t reveal much. These are usually people in power.

Those with a green personality make up about 35 percent of the population. They are indirect and self-contained. They are the least likely to directly answer a question. There is often dead space in conversations with them because they have to process the information before answering. The are analytical and want to have as much data as possible.

Knowing your personality will help you understand yourself better. You’ll understand why you do the things you do. And you’ll realize that you’re a great you just the way you are.

Steve DeVane
This free e-book helped me understand my personality better.

Push your business to its limits

I was reading a thread on a personal development forum about Dean Karnazes, an endurance runner. He gives his advice for pushing athletic performance to its limits. A lot of what he says is great advice for our business life.

Karnazes says to be audacious. Any goal worth achieving involves risk, he says.

We networkers often get stuck in what is called “analysis paralysis.” We find something we think will work, but we want more information. We want to be sure.

So we sit and waste valuable time and energy searching for more information. If that time and energy would have been put up into the process we were considering, we would have been far ahead of where we are. And if we were going to put the time and energy into researching it anyway, why not put that time and energy into moving forward.

Karnazes also says to flirt with disaster. He pushed himself to near death to find out that he was strong enough to survive.

Less than a year ago, my business was near death. I was getting nowhere fast. I was nearly spent. Then I came across this business system which turned my business and my life around. I wanted to throw in the towel, but I pushed through that wall. I took a chance that’s paying off.

Karnazes also says to promote yourself. His high profile motivates him because he knows his family income is dependent on it.

We network marketers sometimes look for ways to build our business with a low profile. We think we can stay in the background.

Network marketing is not a sales business, but it is a relationship business. We have to make a name for ourselves. You do this by simply sharing what you know and helping other people.

The beauty of building a business this way is that the more we help people, the more we better ourselves and the more we better the profession of network marketing.

One thing I liked about Karnazes’ advice is that so much of it seems counter-intuitive. For example, he eats lots of junk and has cut back on his sleep.

Sometimes we have to go against the grain in order to reach our dreams. To some it doesn’t make sense for network marketers to help people in other companies. People in competitive mode look on others as adversaries instead of what they are – our colleagues.

Take a chance. Be an endurance networker.

Steve DeVane
This free e-book changed my perspective on network marketing.

What makes a great network marketing company

If you want to be successful in network marketing, it’s important to have a strong company behind you. Your company should have key characteristics, known as the “five pillars.”

The first pillar is company management with experience and integrity. Google the company president to find out more information about the one leading your company. Read your company’s policies and procedures.

The second pillar is timing in the company and the industry. You don’t want to be in a brand new company. It’s best if the company has been up and running for at least two years.

The third pillar is a product that lasts a lifetime. The number one mistake people make is they think they have to love the product. You don’t have to love the product. The product just has to be remarkable. Find a product that people are screaming for and fall in love with it. You don’t have to research every little tidbit of information. Most MLM companies have great products. It’s easier to sell what people want. Ask yourself if it’s a product that people would buy even if there wasn’t a business opportunity attached.

The fourth pillar is a compensation plan that pays the part-time person. Most reps will only work part-time, at least initially. The key is to find a compensation plan that pays the most with the least amount of people. Find out how many distributors you need to make $10,000 a month.

The fifth pillar is to have a proven system that duplicates when you quit. Run if your upline tells you to buy leads or to make a list of your friends and family. That does not duplicate.

I found just such a system. It teaches you how to fish rather than giving you a fish. It teaches the skills necessary for success.

My friend and personal mentor, Michael Dlouhy, made a video for me explaining the five pillars.


Steve DeVane
This free e-book taught me the importance of having a “five pillars” company.

Straight from the source

I spent the last 20-plus years as a journalist. I’ve written hundreds of news stories. One thing I learned is that if you want to get the best information, you need to go directly to the source. Someone at a speech can tell you what they think the speaker was trying to say, but you have to go straight to the source for the direct information.

I’ve written often about the book, “Success in 10 Steps,” that changed my network marketing career. When I read that book, I felt like the author, Michael Dlouhy, had written it just for me. It was as if he had been monitoring everything I did and knew exactly why I had been failing.

The book changed my life. It showed me that my failure was not my fault. It saved me from years of frustration.

Now Michael Dlouhy himself can tell you why he wrote “Success in 10 Steps,” and why he freely devotes his time to helping people in any network marketing company succeed.

Click here to get your free copy of “Success in 10 Steps.”

Steve DeVane
This link will take you to information about Mentoring for Free, the MLM system based on “Success in 10 Steps.”

Choose your own adventure

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A few weeks ago, I bought a box of Louis L’Amour western novels. He’s one of my favorite authors, and I was happy to find several of his books that I had not yet read. In the box were several books by other authors.

As I was looking through them, I noticed one from a series of books called, “Choose Your Own Adventure.” I had never heard of the series, so I took a closer look.

The cover said there were multiple endings to a story that put the reader in the old west. I showed it to my son, who took an interest when I started reading him sections and asking him which choices to make. We had a good time as he talked about each decision as we progressed through the book. When we finished, we started over making different choices as we went.

Today, my wife and kids went to the library. My son excitedly showed me that he had found three more “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. One book about space has 44 possible endings. In another, the reader is on “the planet of curiosity. It has 15 exciting endings. A deep sea adventure has 42 possible endings.

My son has already read two of them. He told me about some of the choices he had to make along the way.

Sensing one of those elusive “teachable moments,” I said something like, “You know, it’s the same way in life. We make choices that determine our future.”

As I thought about my life, I see I’ve made good and bad choices. I can’t do anything about the decisions I’ve made in the past, but I can focus on choosing the best path forward from here.

In his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill devotes an entire chapter to decision. He says successful people make decisions quickly and are slow to change from that course. In effect, those who decide succeed. Those who don’t decide fail. Those who know what they want, get it.

Forget the mistakes you’ve made in the past, but remember the lessons you learned. Decide what you want and go after it with a burning desire. Persist until you get it.

Steve DeVane
This free e-book taught me how to make better decisions.

Leading with certainty

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Several years back, I went through a leadership training course with about 12 other people, mostly ministers. It was a valuable experience. I learned a lot about myself and why I think and act the way I do.

One of the things I learned was there are different types of leaders. One of the instructors said that sometimes the best leader is the one who says, “We’re not ready to take that hill yet.”

So how can you spot a leader? Let’s get specific about what it takes for you to be looked at as a leader.

You must offer a clear-cut path in a single direction. If you give choices, people get into a debate inside their own mind over which is best. They’ve convinced themselves, often without even realizing it, that they just don’t have the ability to make a good choice. So nothing will happen. The way their thinking goes, they don’t know how to get to where they want to be. They will be totally happy following, so long as you grab the lead. Just tell them exactly what they must do. That gives them a clear choice to follow you or not.

For people to follow you, you must have chosen a path in which you have very strong belief. You need total certainty, because any doubt in your voice or in your actions comes through loud and clear to everyone who is looking at you. If you demonstrate the single-minded will to lead in one definite direction, then you have a real opportunity to gather followers. But if you are dispersed and can’t focus, then people will keep on looking for a leader.

No leader can force anyone to do anything for very long. Your team must want to follow you, or it will all fall apart. You promise very specific results, and you spotlight a step-by-step plan to achieve them. You do everything in your power to make it as easy as possible for each team member to walk (or run) their chosen path. Every time you truly inspire your people, they subscribe to your plan and commit to their assigned roles – because by doing so, they move closer to achieving what THEY want.

Steve DeVane
This free mentoring program taught me about leadership

Overcoming fears on the path to success

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Earlier tonight, I was reading Steve Pavlina’s personal development blog about switching to a 100 percent raw diet. I admire his commitment and the general reasoning behind his move. Two sentences in a section on dealing with social issues struck me.

“Every time you stretch beyond the social conditioning, risking the rejection of your peers, you simultaneously serve as a powerful example to them,” he said. “You help other people awaken to the knowledge that they can exceed their current performance levels.”

This not only applies to changing your diet, it fits perfectly into how we promote our network marketing business. Let’s be honest, MLM doesn’t have the best of reputations.

Some folks have the wrong idea that it’s some kind of illegal pyramid scheme. Other people have been burned by MLMers who pressured them to buy unneeded products or resources. Some distributors have wrongly thought that the way to make their company look good was to make other network marketing companies look bad.

I believe we can turn that around. By presenting a positive perspective and telling the truth about our companies and our products, we’ll peel back the layers of disinformation and dishonesty.

I know that I have often been needlessly concerned about what people would think about me being a network marketer. To paraphrase Pavlina, by stretching beyond my social conditioning and risking the rejection of my peers, I serve as a powerful example to them.

Moreover, with that risk comes reward — self-confidence. Since, I’ve been involved with this mentoring system I’ve grown as a network marketer and as a person.

This reminded me of a quote one of my coaches once told me. The quote has been wrongly attributed to Nelson Mandela, but it’s actually from a book called A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Overcome your fears and help liberate others.

Steve DeVane
This free e-book helped me overcome my fears.

Success is team effort

I got home a short while ago from my daughter’s softball game. We won, 5-0, defeating the #1 team in the state.

After the game, I was talking with one of the coaches about how well our girls had played. I told her that I thought our defense was the difference.

She didn’t disagree, but added that it was more than just defense. Our girls played as a team.

As I thought back on the game, I saw that she was right.

When there was a play at first, our right-fielder was hustling over behind the first baseman to back up the throw. (I might add that she was doing a great job of it and not just because she’s my daughter.)

When a member of the other team bunted, all our infielders yelled, “Bunt!” Everyone knew just where to go. Our first and third basemen charged toward the batter, while our second baseman ran over to cover first. It was smooth, clean — like clockwork.

When one of our players was at bat, other players were yelling encouragement. In the field, everyone was talking to each other, letting each other know the number of outs and where the next play was to be made.

Isn’t this a lot like our business and a lot like life.

Success in business comes much easier to those supported by a team. When we share our gifts, it’s to everyone’s betterment.

It’s good to know that when you’re trying to get somewhere, someone is there backing you up.

What a great feeling to know that others who have taken the road to success are willing to show you the way.

How wonderful to hear encouragement from others that you can be successful, that they believe in you.

I’m thrilled to say I’ve found just such a team. If you’d like to know more, go to this link. Your teammates are waiting for you.

Steve DeVane
This free e-book helped me learn the value of teamwork.

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