Reaching MLM goals takes urgency, patience

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To reach your MLM goals, your life must be a delicate balance of patience and urgency. You must have patience to achieve the best results, but you must always act with urgency. There is always a learning curve, whenever you start a new venture. So you must choose well and know you are in the right place with the right opportunity.

That belief allows you to have patience as you learn the ropes. And remember – you can’t just sit around and say, “Well, this will all work out in time.” You have to actively pursue your goals at all times, and continually urge your team to do the same.

Urgency starts with a beeline focus. Many people feel no need to hurry, no need to work fast and focused. But there’s a problem with that thinking: you don’t know the future. We’ve all seen that life can change in an instant. You get no guarantees.

We all know but sometimes we lose sight of it. That’s why YOU must preach URGENCY to your team and to your guests. You will know you’ve mastered the ability to effectively communicate the urgency, because people will be motivated. And you’ll make a lot of money for that skill. At the same time, coach them in patience and to think long-term. They have to act urgently, but follow a well thought-out plan.

This isn’t just for you. You need to do it for your team, because they need a model of urgency and patience. Share your goals and long-term plan to achieve them – as a model for them. Share your day-to-day urgency, and how it affects every action you take. We all have bad habits that sabotage success, and one of the best tools to get rid of them is “ The Slight Edge ” by Jeff Olson.

Olson shows how in just a couple minutes a day, you can make time your friend your enemy. When you consistently do the right things in your MLM business, time works in your favor. And the more bad habits you get rid of, the easier it will be to act with urgency on the points crucial to your success. And THAT is how you can get the result you want.

Steve DeVane
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