Surfing through some networking lessons

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While doing some research for a writing project I’m working on, I came across this video about how to surf. It taught some lessons that are applicable to business and to life.

The pros on the video pointed out that while surfing you have to know your environment. Look out for yourself but keep and eye on everyone else, too.

In network marketing, we have to work our business, but also help out those we sponsor. Learn the skills to be successful and pass them on.

When you surf, you have to first paddle out through breaking waves. The surfing pros suggest paddling through the spot where the least amount of waves are breaking so the waves don’t keep pushing you back in.

In business, we often feel like there’s some hidden force keeping us from success. Often, we need to take a good look around, find out what’s holding us back and find a way to deal with it.

The surfers on the video gave some hints about catching a wave. It takes timing to judge the wave and start paddling so that you’re paddling at full speed and are going almost the speed of the wave by the time it gets to you.

While networking, we often miss opportunities because we’re not paying attention. When we see an opportunity approaching, start working. Get going. If we over-think it and try to wait for the opportunity to get to use, it’ll pass us by because we’re not ready for it.

Once the wave arrives, the surfer has to stand up. The pros said not to give it much thought. You find the point where the wave is pushing you and you have momentum, then you pop up. No fumbling around or you’ll get tossed off.

Network marketers often fumble around and overanalyze situations when the arise. Sadly, many waste precious time even when there’s nothing they can do about the situation. When you’ve got momentum, stand up and ride the wave.

The pros called riding the wave the fun part of surfing. Most of the work is done, so you find your balance and get on what they called “the face” of the wave where the energy is.

In business, when you’ve done the hard work, you enjoy the benefits. You find the thing that gives you energy and you do it.

But riding the waves can be scary. Everyone wipes out, the surfers said. If you don’t wipe out, you’re not having a good time, they said. When it happens, head back out and do it again.

Networkers often get discouraged at the first sign of failure. Think of these times as learning opportunities. When it happens, figure out why and try again.

The surfing pros said great surfers are the ones having the most fun. That’s a pretty good way to live.

Steve DeVane

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  1. Gary McElwain

    Great blog post. I love the comparison and the video was a perfect fit.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

    Gary McElwain

  2. SteveDeVane

    Thanks, Gary. I enjoyed watching those guys. Surf’s up, dude!

    I appreciate the comments.


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