The real story — Make it personal

I was on a conference call recently when several people talked about the change that they’ve had in their lives due some nutritional products.

The stories were moving. After several of them, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I should try that product.”

Later on, I was thinking about why the stories were so powerful. It occurred to me that every one of them was personal. The person was sharing from their experience and from their heart.

I know that if someone had rattled off a series of statistics about each of those products, I wouldn’t have been near as compelled to try the products.

In short, a personal story will beat impersonal stats nearly every time.

So, next time you’re talking to someone about your business, your company or your products, make it personal. Tell them how each has made a difference in your life.

Steve DeVane

2 Responses

  1. Gary McElwain

    Great post Steve, most people in mlm want to tell you all bout thier product. We have this much of this and that much of that.

    Problem is they dont know why or what it does. A lot do that with thier comp plan too.

    I remember a saying “Facts smell but stories sell” Way to keep it personal

    Gary McElwain

  2. SteveDeVane


    Yeah, we often spend so much time learning stuff about our companies and products that we forget to just tell people who they’ve made our lives better.

    Thanks for the comment.


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